Is Halsey’s Message for Victoria Secret’s “Lack of Inclusivity” Valid?

Victoria Secret has been a best friend to most women with their cute lingerie and swimsuits and our worst enemy by smothering gorgeous models all around the store as I take a glimpse in the mirror as I’m in the changeroom. Ugh! I think I speak for majority of women when I say I probably lack every measurement there is to be a Victoria Secret model. However, does it bother me that the brand chooses Amazonian pin thin models to represent the brand? Not really. I don’t mind that it’s a fantasy and these are the requirements needed in order to be featured as a model for the show. Recently musical artist Halsey who performed at the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show made a post about the “lack of inclusivity” the brand has for transgendered models. To be honest…. this kind of bothers me.


In reality every single job which exists has requirements. Some careers you can’t have unless you have a certain amount of education or skills. You can’t be a professional baseball player if you don’t have any limbs. You can’t be a football player if you have the built of a ballerina. You can’t be an opera singer if you can’t hold a note. And you can’t be a doctor if you can’t get into Medical School. So why does everything have to be challenged? I will never ever be a Victoria Secret Model because I lack the requirements of ever becoming one. Does it bother me? NO! Would I love to be a VS Model? HELL YA!! DUHH! It’s beginning to get annoying how everything needs to be challenged and include everyone. If that’s the case, include me in medical school so that I can’ become a plastic surgeon and botch everyone who walks into my operating room.

I am confident enough to watch the show and enjoy it. I personally don’t want to watch a person who has been physically altered march down a runway in lingerie. If that’s the case why doesn’t everyone get ribs removed, implants, lipo and most people can be included. I feel the show will lack the “lustre” it has which lures us in to watch the show every year.


The one thing that does bother me is when I see daughters of millionaires take spots of beautiful girls who don’t come from famous family’s from walking the show. I don’t like how these rich girls take the modeling opportunities from girls who are equally or even more beautiful from walking the show just because they don’t come from famous family’s and lack a million Instagram followers. However I doubt Victoria Secret will change that and I have accepted it. All well.

Do you think Halsey’s message is valid? Or do you think the Victoria Secret Show has specific requirements like most jobs and that’s just the way the industry is like other careers? That’s my opinion. What’s yours?


Candid Blonde Xx