MAN-Cession. It’s a real epidemic!

Independence is something many women including myself thrive for. And well… mission accomplished. I have a great career as an entrepreneur, I own property, own a vehicle and have all my ducks in a row. My other female friends have the same accomplishments, and we all have another thing in common… all single.

Why? We are all down to earth, friendly, kind and responsible young girls, so what’s the problem? I have realized two!

First! When we meet a guy who is accomplished and has his ducks in a row, he turns out to be……..a player!!! Cocky, arrogant (although we have all the same things) but yet male-ego is very different from female. Last guy I met had more selfies on Instagram in a week than I have taken my entire Instagram life. So these guys are always evaluating other options and have the potential to cheat.

Next…number Two! Duds! Not dudes, I mean duds!! Some of my friends being nurses have a nature to want to “help” and coming across a dud to help has been a regular relationship routine. He either hasn’t had work in a while, still lives with mommy and daddy as he’s creeping into his 30’s or 40’s. Mooches off of you and you need to pay the bill. Seriously… what gives!


Now I’m not saying all women are perfect. Yes there are snobby, materialistic and bimbo women too. However I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about the independent, nice responsible ones who seem to have bad luck with the men due to the “MAN-cession” that’s going on. What do you do when you have met guys through your friends (he had a gf that I found out from a mutual friend later), online (lied about his age, career, pretty much everything) bar (let’s not even go there), grocery store (let’s just say he’s  club promoter and creeping into his 50’s) . So now what? Do we apply for “Marriage at First Sight”? (Just read the article about the guy who tried to kill his last gf and brother.. nahh.. not trusting that “professional” panel of “experts”.)

So what are fabulous women like us supposed to do during this “MAN-cession”! Are all the good ones taken? You tell me!girl-city-bench-min-750x350



Pros and Cons when ordering from China

Majority of people (including myself) always prefer to save a buck or two, especially when it comes to personal shopping. We are always looking for the best deal and online shopping has given us various options and price comparisons with just a click of a button. One poplar option is buying items from or They have awesome deals with purses for $7.00 or amazing dresses for $25.00. But… the question is… Do we get what we pay for? Is it too good to be true? Or.. is it a bargain?


First let’s start with the good.


  1. Prices. Prices on purchases from China are much much muuuuch cheaper! I have purchased a wool jacket for $30.00. You can always find great items which are affordable for much less than what you would pay regular retail.
  2. Trends. Sometimes you are looking for that special top in that specific color or style. Most likely with 1000s of online stores to purchase from, you will find what you are looking for.
  3. Knockoffs. Oops! Did I say that… I mean…… yaaa I mean knockoffs. Let’s face it, not all of us can afford an authentic Celine purse, or Gucci wallet. Online stores give us that perfect immitation of the iconic Burberry pattern for only $10 if that is what we are looking to add into our wardrobe, or a Louis Vuitton purse for $50. Not everyone is looking for authenticity or quality.


So with the good there is always the bad. And here it is..


1. Visibility. Buying online you literally have no idea what you are purchasing and putting your trust in a photo and a description. You don’t have the opportunity to try it on, or feel the material. A garment may not come out in the color or size as you intended. You are almost shopping in the dark and hoping for the best.

2. Sizes. I consider myself a petite person and purchasing clothes from China may work in my advantage. However I find myself still opting into a larger size. Most sizes from these sites are much smaller and when you wait three weeks to receive your order and it doesn’t fit it can be a blow.

3. Shipping and handling. I literally have had to wait for almost a month to receive my order. So if you need an outfit for an event coming up soon, make sure you give yourself enough time because it will take time until you receive your order. And depending on the supplier I sometimes have had to pay for shipping. Sometimes a $10 shirt can come out to  be $100 so be careful.

4. Quality. To be completely honest the quality of the garments are not the best. You literally get K-Mart quality. If you are looking for intricate stitching and good quality material, shopping online is not your best route.



  1. Always be prepared to buy a size or two larger. Most clothes from these sites are much smaller than what you would find at the GAP.
  2. Always check return policies. Not all sellers allow refunds and the last thing you want is to be stuck with something you don’t want.
  3. Low expectations. Don’t expect to buy a Prada bag with Prada quality. It’s more of a Prada bag for a Walmart price and quality.
  4. Research! Always do research and price comparisons on other sites and other suppliers. And always read reviews. They give a great perspective on what you should expect from your purchase.


What’s your experience with shopping on these sites?