Is Budapest the new trendy vacation hot spot to visit? Top 5 places to visit in this amazing city.

I remember a few years ago everyone was going to Iceland. I would go on Instagram and I would see tags everyday of people in the Blue Lagoon or taking selfies on the black sand. It seemed to be the “place to go to” and “the place to be”. Now I’ve been noticing the same thing with Budapest. And lucky for me I went to Hungary years ago and I LOVED IT! I loved Balaton and I LOOOVVEEED Budapest. Like myself my boyfriend kept seeing posts and tags of Budapest everywhere! Like Iceland a couple of years ago, Budapest seems to be the new trendy vacation spot. He wanted to go for our spring trip and I love that city and said Hell Ya! Since it was my second time I already knew what to check out and what he needed to see. So here are my top 5 places to see in Budapest, Hungary.


  1. The Széchenyi thermal baths. If you have not stopped to experience this you have done your trip totally wrong! Budapest is known for their thermal baths. My boyfriend and I started out our morning at the baths and got the little cabins which included the entrance, towers and robes for 20 euro. They have baths inside and outside and it’s an AMAZING experience and so relaxing. A definite MUST DO on your Budapest “to do’ list.
  2. New York Palace Cafe. There is a reason why this place is recognized as “the most beautiful cafe in the world“. The architecture inside is absolutely stunning. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a meal and drinks. My boyfriend and I each had a cappuccino and a desert. And to be honest the prices weren’t insane. If you want to feel like royalty while sipping on tea or coffee this is the place to go to. The architecture and the detail put into the design is definitely something worth checking out. download(PHOTO CREDIT FROM
  3. The Ruin Bars. My boyfriend’s cousin recommended us to go to the Ruin Bars for a drink. It’s a low-key vibe and very unique. It’s edgy and has a cool “dive bar” esque vibe. So if you’re looking for a low key but unique experience to grab a drink the Ruin Bars are a great spot to go. Now if a “dive bar” isn’t exactly your thing, you can try out the High Note Sky Bar. With a breath-taking rooftop view you get bougie and trendy with your cocktail order. It’s an Aria hotel, so you can’t expect anything less. Both of these are great spots to have a shot of palinka! high-note-skybar-ejjel323.jpg (PHOTO CREDIT FROM
  4. obviously Buda castle and Parliament. My boyfriend and I enjoyed exploring Buda where you can go and visit Buda castle. It’s a cute part of Budapest with lots of history. When you walk down you can see the Parliament building which is like no other building I have ever seen. When you see it at night lit up from the Chain Bridge it’s just the best “Kodak” moment.
  5. Eat your lángos and Hungarian goulash! Food is a MUST to experience in my traveling adventures! And there was just no way I was leaving without trying some Hungarian goulash. The way I make goulash is different from the Hungarian style. Mine is more of meat with gravy, where in Hungary I noticed it was more of a soup. It was insanely delicious! And nothing tastes better than a Hungarian goulash in Hungary made by a Hungarian. Check point! Also if you want to try a Hungarian desert you should try out the lângos.  It’s deep-fried dough and you can get it with sour cream on it (the original way), cheese, Nutella, strawberries and all sorts of toppings. They taste delicious, especially after a night at the Ruin Bars! (just saying..)

Budapest has been and probably always will be one of my favorite cities I can visit again and again. I love the culture, I love the people, I love the architecture, I love the food and I can go on and on. We stayed at an Airbnb outside of the Cathedral on the little strip and it was a great view from our balcony every morning of our stay. There is obviously so much more to see and experience however I wanted to keep my list to five. If you are only there for a weekend trip I hope this list can help you.

What is your favorite city to visit? And do you think Budapest is the new trendy vacation spot?