Quick fixes for the busy girl and always look fab!

I have always been a busy bee and running from one job to the next and from one client to the second. If you’re a person like me, you literally DO NOT have time to even run a comb through your hair sometimes. (Sad but true)  Here are a few tips that I have learned to always look and feel polished on days when I have 3 hours of sleep, and I rather save my time to go get my latte than style my hair.

  1. Dry Shampoo! This is literally one of the most amazing inventions ever created. My hair is very fine and thin and overly processed so I only wash my hair every three to four days. What saves me to always have my hair look and feel fresh is dry shampoo. I love the brand Oribe and Klorane.


2. Red lipstick.  A little color is the best little “POP” to freshen your look. Nights when I literally sleep three hours and feel and look so tired I just put on some red lipstick and I’m ready to go. I love MAC‘s “Russian Red” and NARS ” in “Cruella”.

3. Messy bun.  A quick trendy look. It always looks clean and stylish and looks great for the office or anywhere you go. The messy bun is literally my hair “go-to” when I am on the run and have a million things to do. It keeps my hair out of my way and I don’t need to keep running a brush through it like I do when its down.  The messy bun is the best hair do when you are on the run and have a go-go day.


3. Insta-dry nail polish.  Of course you have the option to not color your nails but its pretty boring, and being girly I like to have a little color on my nails. The best product out there which I use ALL the time is “Insta-dri” nail polish. It dries in literally 2 min. I leave it in my purse to re-apply if it chips and it’s only $3.00 at WalMart. When I don’t have time to go get a manicure and wait 30 min for my nails to dry at home because I have laundry to do. This is the best “go-to” nail polish on the market for a $3.00 steal.


4. White eyeliner.  This is great to open your eyes and make your eyes look fresh even with little sleep. My favorite brand is Paula Dorf in “baby eyes”. Since I have small eyes this also helps my eyes look larger and fresh and clean.


These are my favorite go-to’s when I’m on the go and have little time to polish myself. Hope these tricks help you save time and look fab with or without sleep and coffee. 🙂