Cotillion Crash Course! 10 Rules of Etiquette Every Classy Lady Should Know.


Most women did not go to cotillon school growing up. And most of us didn’t go to a debutante ball in our teens. Social etiquette is not a subject tought in school, however more of an imposed common knowledge  most of us should be aware of. However there are always minor details that the general public just don’t know about. Obviously burping in public is a massive “faux pas” however did you know pulling out your compact mirror at the table is also a big “no no”. Here are just a few more rules you may want to know just incase you end up rubbing elbows with the royals next weekend or find yourself on a private yacht with some aristocrats.

Here are some simple rules of etiquette you may want to know before you set foot on that yacht.

  1. When you have guests for the first time FIRST show them where the bathroom is so they can freshen up. And if you are a guest a bottle of wine or box of chocolates always makes a perfect gift.  pexels-photo-352785
  2.  When refilling your glass first ask the people next to you if they would like a refill before you fill up your own glass.
  3. When getting in and out of a car sit at the edge of the seat and pull your legs into the car. And when getting out just step your feet out and get out.
  4. Never ever gossip, brag or criticize. Ladies are just too classy for that anyways.
  5. When drinking coffee you can loop your fingers around the handle, however when you are drinking tea you place your fingers to the front and back of the handle and the classic pinky up. And always drink wine holding the stem of the glass. pexels-photo-355097
  6. When you are at a dinner and the food is placed at the table always grab the food nearest to you. If you want something further away don’t just grab it, ask someone near you to pass it to you. DO NOT just say “yes’ or “yep” or “no” and “nope”. DO SAY “yes, please” and “no, thank you”.
  7. Never leave your purse or its contents on the table. Keep your wallet, keys, lipstick and especially your cell phone in your purse when with company. Since we don’t want to leave our purse on the floor either just hang it on your chair or get one of those portable handbag hangers you can keep in your purse and use when needed. And keep your cellphone in that purse. It’s rude in general to be on your phone when you are with guests and I’m sure you don’t need cotillion school to know that one.
  8. Always be manicured. A big “no no” to chipped nails. Polish or buff those nails so that they always look clean. It is proper etiquette to always look presentable and put together. Always dress to impress.
  9. If you want to fix your hair, your make up or put powder on your face simply excuse yourself from your guests and those around you. And DO NOT say you are going to the bathroom or toilette, just tell them you are going to “freshen up” and then go to the bathroom and let loose. Whip out that hair brush, that compact and go wild. It’s poor manners to fix yourself up in front of anyone. It’s as bad as chewing gum. (BTW I’ve been guilty of both, oops!) holidays-dinner-eating-lunch
  10. And finally at last utensils….just follow the placement from the one furthest to the plate and inward. Forks on the left, knives with blades facing the plate and spoons on the right.

In case you end up hanging out with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next week I hope this quick post can give you some itty bitty tips. In general just always be kind and polite and make others feel welcomed and comfortable and I think you’re good to go. And don’t forget, don’t whip out that lipstick and compact until you make it to the “powder room”! (Oops!)

Do you think etiquette is lost in todays culture or still important amongst guests?