How I Lost My Weight. NO B%S!$@! And 5 Tips That Work!


Oh no not another “how to lose weight” blurb. My boyfriend convinced me to write this one so blame him and here it is. Back in May I realized my pants were tighter, my shirt wasn’t fitting the way that is used to and my belt was on the very last notch. I gained 15 lbs and I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my skin. I’m only 5’1 and 15 pounds on my body SHOWS!!!! Being in my 30s losing weight is not as easy as it was in my teens or in my twenties but I did it. (And it was HELL!) So here is what I did and it’s not pretty but it worked.

  1. Cut carbs. This one is not easy. I literally cut all breads, sugars, fruits, and even vegetables that had lots of carbs. (ie. sweet potato, beans etc) And it was HAARRDDD!!! I almost did a Keto-diet for the first two weeks and ten pounds literally fell off after 3 days. I lived off of broccoli, shrimp and shiratki noodles. For two weeks I did not consume over 30 grams of carbs! After I lost ten pounds I slowly started to add carbs back in but I do still avoid eating bread and heavy carbs but I won’t skimp on a sweet potato or some beans in my meals.
  2. Fasted cardio. Ugh this one sucked too! I literally went for a 30 min jog first thing every morning. I ran before consuming anything. It’ just helps rev up your metabolism and if you are in “keto” it kicks you into “ketosis” which is “fat burning mode”.  It sucked the first week however it was a great way to start my day and I still do it just because I’ve learned to enjoy it and it helps me continue my day being healthy since I started my day doing something healthy for myself. My boyfriend and I would go to the gym together and he would do rowing for his cardio which was great as well because it toned his body at the same time. (so…. obviously I started to row with him.. duhh!)active-aerobics-beautiful-903171
  3. Intermitted Fasting. This one also sucked but it got easier after a couple of days. I would try to not eat after 4pm but definitely didn’t have a morsel of food after 6pm. It was challenging the first week but it got easier. Growing up we never ate after 6pm however in recent years and dating that usually goes out the window when you’re out for dinner and going to late movies. After a year it all caught up on me and I had to think of what I used to do that I’m not doing now and this was one of them. I used to NEVER EVER eat after 6pm. This also helps me with digestion and my stomach since I have always had issues. I was lucky because my boyfriend and I were shedding weight together so it’s great if you have someone to diet with. He wouldn’t allow me to eat something and I would do the same for him. Having a partner when you are trying to diet helps a lot!
  4. Say bye bye to alcohol. This one was hard especially in the summer during patio season but sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do! It was booze or bikini and I really wanted to feel good wearing a bikini again and booze had to be cut out of my diet. Even that little glass of wine can crap up your game so drop it like its hot! If there were moments when I did drink (which was only twice) I had a vodka soda with lots and lots of lemons and limes. And I would limit myself to only two drinks.
  5. Get used to feeling hungry. Sorry I hate to tell you this but it’s when you are feeling hungry is when you are losing weight. If you plan ahead and meal prep and have a plentiful meal before 6pm you will last the whole night. (I promise) It’s human nature to immediately grab a bite of something if we feel hungry or have hunger pains but that is when you are in that “caloric deficit” and your body is in fact “losing weight”. A few things I did to pass the urge was drink a glass of water, read some motivational material or go on Instagram and look at some “thinspiration” (yes it’s an actual term). I’m sorry to tell you but its the truth. Feeling hunger = weight loss. Oops!pexels-photo-1089164

Dieting in my 30s is NOTHING like it was in my teens or twenties. I was lucky enough to skip a meal and I was 5 lbs less the next morning. (Ahh the good old days!) Now in my 30s that doesn’t work. I’ve tried diet pills and all they do is give me the shakes and binge like a monster. I’ve tried programs like BBG, Whole30 just name it, I’ve done it all. I’ve tried it all!! These things with patience helped me shed my extra weight and I hope that these 5 tips will help you. Dieting sucks, I hate it just as much as the next person but just as supermodel Kate Moss says “Nothing tastes as good and feeling thin.” And if that is your goal here are the few tips that helped me.