Looking at American, French and Korean makeup beauty trends.

Beauty is a very universal topic. Probably why its a billion dollar industry. Everyone wants to achieve the ideal standard of beauty wherever they are from. Now with the internet its amazing how we can find on YouTube or Instagram everyone’s beauty routine and which beauty products are popular in different parts of the world. Recently I find most popular trends are “French” looks and most recently Korean trends have become increasingly popular. There are thousands of videos on YouTube alone showing French or Korean beauty regimen and make up trends. Here are some basic points of what I noticed in “beauty trends” in America, French and Korea online. So here we go..


American Beauty

In America we love lots! American’s love their highlighter, contour, lashes, lip liner, lipstick, lip toppers, blush you name it! We love it all! And I’m guilty for all of the above. I love my highlighters, glosses, lashes, plumpers! I LOVE. IT. ALL and use it all.  For makeup we love drama. And more is never enough. If there is a look a girl wants she will put on the tanner, straighten her curly hair and do it all to get that Instagram worthy photo.  Lips need to be plump and juicy and can be achieved with plumpers like “lip injection” from Too Faced Cosmetics. Women over line their lips and even get lip injections just to get that “full lip” look.  If we want lashes, we get extensions or glue on falsies. Tanned skin is preferred and most women use self tanners such as St Tropez (which I use myself) or go get spray tanned or go to tanning beds. I myself prefer the “tanned” look since I find I wear less make up on my face and I simply feel more comfortable with a tan. If we want curly hair we will curl our poker straight hair to accomplish that full waved look. I used to be obsessed with straight hair and I would even use a clothing iron. YES!! A CLOTHING IRON!!! Thank god for ceramic heating tools! Some of my favorites are Babyliss ceramic straighteners and curlers. If we want bangs or long hair we simply get hair extensions and we sew it in, clip it in or bond it in. The possibilities are endless. My favorite hair brand is Bohyme and I make my own clip in extensions. The quality of the hair is amazing and looks great for years! It’s pricey but worth it.

So American ladies I guess are the “go getters” of make up looks. If there is a look they want they will “go get it”. And I can say I’m completely guilty with this! When I wanted that Adriana Lima look I dived in and went for it! American’s will use any product to accomplish the look we want for the day. Why not, that’s why we have all those products available to us anyways! So why not have fun with it! (I do!)

French Beauty

French beauty is very much about working with what you have. French ladies don’t want to “change” their look. They don’t completely change their hair color they prefer the “balayage” look which is subtle “peek-a-boo” highlights. The French don’t try to straighten their hair if it’s curly and they don’t curl if it’s straight. They prefer to work with the texture of the hair they have and make a few enhances using products or with a blow dryer. One popular product the French use (which I love myself) is Nuxe dry oil which gives a nice shine and added to their ends to look healthy.  For makeup they don’t do the whole “contour” or “highlight” all over the face they keep it simple with powder, concealor or a little blush with a bold red lip. French ladies prefer to have a “natural” and “simple” look with one feature to stand out. If they want something bold they will do a bold eye and nothing else. Or a bold lip and nothing else. They never make their make up too much or too harsh. A popular makeup brand is Bourjoise which has a great line for lipsticks, foundations and blushes which many Parisians are known to use.


The French like to keep their beauty natural and simply “enhance” what they have. They like to keep it clean and have one “dramatic” look and not enhance everything. It must work since the “French” look has always been featured on countless magazine covers and for many many years everyone has followed the trends from Paris. Clearly the look has been timeless and that is how the French achieve that “je ne sais quoi” look.

Korean Beauty


Korean beauty is lately something I have been obsessed with! I feel like they know how to have amazing skin and got their anti-aging routine down to an art. In Korea they begin to know the importance of skin care at a very young age. As children they already know the importance of using sunscreen with high SPF for their every day. Their routines include cleansers, toners, the infamous essence, moisturizer, BB creams and the list goes on and on. They have countless skin care brands all selling the perfect “glass skin” look. Brands such as Peach and Lily  to more luxury brands such as SK-II which has become more popular with celebrities and in North America. For make up Koreans use BB creams or CC creams which usually have an SPF of 35 or higher (higher the better). And the cushion foundations have become very popular to achieve that soft dewy look. Koreans also use sheet masks on the regular. The latest trend has been “snail emulsion” for their skin. And yes I mean snails, like the ones you find in the yard and escargot. A popular brand which I have used myself and enjoy is TonyMoly and their  Timeless Ferment Snail Hydrogel MaskIt worked nicely on my skin and left a nice dewy look. I went back and got more sheet masks for myself, family and friends.


Korean beauty is focused primarily on “skin care”. Koreans invest a lot of time and money to achieve that perfect ageless look which I recently have become obsessed with. They stay true to their toners, moisturizers and essence as part of their daily routine. Makeup is very simple and have properties to serve your skin such as SPF or the moisture from a cushion foundation.  All I can say is that this has been my current beauty obsession and some of the women I have seen I couldn’t believe they were in their 50s. If a 50-year-old woman looks like a 20-year-old they are clearly doing something right and I’m all about it!


We all want to look beautiful where ever we are in the world. And I love learning what women are doing in different parts of the world to stay youthful and beautiful everyday. Luckily now with the internet we are able to go online and see what people are doing and what the current beauty trend is. And with a click online or on Amazon we can try it at home.

What is your favorite beauty product and which beauty trend are you most interested in?




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