Do fashion designers make good makeup brands? Let ‘s look into Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs Beauty.


I don’t wear any makeup. Just kidding!! I’m obsessed and a self-confessed makeup junkie. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it! I love makeup so much that when my luggage didn’t arrive when I landed in Hawaii the first thing I went to get was makeup! I know, that’s bad! Who thinks about underwear when a girl doesn’t have her blush and foundation!

If you’re like me or most women you own several brands of makeup. From drugstore brands to Sephora brands and the fancy pants brands you can only get in Nordstrom. So we all know the brands that solely focus on make-up such as Benefit Cosmetics, CoverGirl and Charlotte Tilbury (my fave). But my question is, do the makeup brands which we recognize in Vogue and on the fashion runways such as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs make good quality makeup? And do these fashion brands measure up to brands which fully focus on makeup?


Of course fashion brands usually expand into makeup. They may as well since they are already recognized in the beauty industry and are knowledgable of what consumers are looking for in cosmetics from runway shows and magazine cover shoots. So why not expand and create a makeup brand?

Let’s start with Marc Jacobs Beauty. I of course purchased the Marc Jacobs bronzer, the dew drops and the foundation. But was it worth the price?

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer – $49.00

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – $44.00

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation – $55.00

With only three items you’re already paying over $100! So are they worth it? Here is what I think.

First I consider packaging. I’m a sucker for a pretty package. If there is something with a nice pink bow, I’ll probably buy it even if I don’t need it. Guilty! Oops! And pretty packages do come at a pretty price. So the packaging for Marc Jacobs Beauty is sleek and elegant. The highlighter and the foundation come in nice frosted bottle which are worthy of standing alone on the top shelf of my vanity. The bronzer comes in a nice large sleek compact, which I don’t mind to whip out in public. So I will confirm a high-grade on the packaging.

Secondly we always need to consider quality. Does it feel good on my skin? Does the product measure up to what it claims? Does it last? Does it make my face look as good as the model does? All these things we need to think about. The bronzer is one of my friend’s favorite makeup products. She swears by it and it looks great on her skin. She is more olive toned and it blends nicely with her complexion. I like it as well however since I am more fair I need to be light handed with my application. The highlighter gel was one of the first highlighters in a “gel” formula  which I have tried and I love it! I don’t need much and it makes me glow to the gods. It smells nice and since it’s a liquid it blends nicely into my skin without the chalky look a powder can give. Lastly the foundation was just plain awful! Sorry but it was! It dried out my skin. It oxidized and literally made my skin go orange! It did last all day, however it made my skin look dry and crusty! So WHO WOULD WANT THAT ON ALL DAY! So a Hell To The NO for the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation. But I need to add the eyeliners are amazing and do last a long time!

Lastly I always consider price. I’m one of those people who is completely brand loyal and if there is a product I love and can’t live without I will pony up the dollars if I need to. So, do I think Marc Jacobs makeup is worth the price? For the amount of product and the prices being around the same range if not a little more than other brands such as Becca Cosmetics, I feel Marc Jacobs Beauty is priced well for the quality and packaging you are paying for.

Next up is Tom Ford Beauty. Tom Ford used to be the creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He eventually created his own brand which I have to be honest is amazing! I am a BIG fan of his clothing. Tom Ford makes great suits, cologne, sunglasses you name it, for a heavy price. Alright, now that we have established that Tom Ford knows how to make a man look good in a suit, can his makeup make me into a beauty queen or Vogue cover worthy?

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate – $85.00

Tom Ford Cheek Color – $62.00

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 – $87.00

So again let’s look at packaging. I LOVE TOM FORD PACKAGING!! Especially the lipsticks. They look simple, elegant and the right amount of bougie style a girl wants to keep in her clutch. The man does know how to make amazing clothes, so I’m not surprised that makes a great looking makeup compact. The quad compacts and the “Shade and Illuminate” compact are very simple and classy looking. Something I wouldn’t mind whipping out at the boardroom table during a coffee break. So definitely a high-grade on the Tom Ford Beauty packaging.

Next the quality. Ugh! I can’t say I’m too impressed. None of his products offer anything new in the beauty industry for the price. The “Illuminate and Shade” didn’t wow me. It’s nothing that stands out to me for a bronzing and highlighting product. The blush is the same as any other blush I’ve purchased from drugstores and Sephora. Yes, the foundation has SPF but so what, most foundations have SPF. The products don’t last all day and the lipstick doesn’t have modeling agents approach me. The blush doesn’t get me invitations to red carpet events either. “sigh” So all I can say is “yawn” and “ouch” to my wallet!

Lastly is it worth the price? For only three products you’re paying over $200! You definitely buy a nice package and a good size amount of product. Are the formulas and colors mind-blowing and something I can’t get anywhere else for less? Nope! Tom Ford is an amazing clothing designer however for makeup its a big dissappointment. I’ll give credit that the “Shade and Illuminate” you get two products in one. However $62.00 for blush I just can’t justify. You’re essentially paying a high price for packaging and the Tom Ford brand name.

So do fashion brands that make it to Vogue and fashion runways make it to my Sephora checkout bag?


I think Marc Jacobs Beauty is priced well for what you get. I love the Marc Jacobs highlighter gel and the eyeliner is incredible. Literally a holy grail of mine. The eyeliner is easy to use on my upper waterline and lasts a good amount of my day. Which no other eyeliner has the ability to do!

Tom Ford I don’t feel you are paying for makeup however for the Tom Ford “name”. Yves Saint Laurent is one of my favorite fashion brands and makeup brands as well. I love YSL bags, perfume and I am the biggest fan of YSL Touché Eclat, the smokey eyeshadow quad, the foundation cushion compact and their Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. I’m obsessed! Since Tom Ford worked with YSL I was hoping he would deliver the same “je ne sais quoi” with his makeup line. However I’m paying more for “meh” than “wow”. So I’ll stick with my Marc Jacobs Beauty products, my YSL holy grails and say “au revoir” to Tom Ford makeup.



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